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4 Leg Teak Low Stool (ON SALE)

S$189.00 S$589.00
SAVE S$400.00

Allegro Side Table (ON SALE-LAST PIECE)

S$329.00 S$629.00
SAVE S$300.00

Almond Outdoor Dining Chair (ON SALE)

S$215.00 S$539.00
SAVE S$324.00

Apple Teak Sculpture (ON SALE)

S$49.00 S$79.00
SAVE S$30.00

Charlie 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa (ON SALE)

S$1,589.00 S$2,889.00
SAVE S$1,300.00

Dual 3 Seater + Corner Sectional Sofa (ON SALE)

S$2,589.00 S$4,229.00
SAVE S$1,640.00

Egg chair in Full brown leather (ON SALE-Last Piece)

S$1,289.00 S$2,859.00
SAVE S$1,570.00

Fleur Mirror (ON SALE)

S$389.00 S$1,229.00
SAVE S$840.00

Glass Slipper By Caracole® (ON SALE)

S$1,659.00 S$2,829.00
SAVE S$1,170.00

Harper Mineral - Loveseat By A.R.T Furniture® (ON SALE)

S$2,489.00 S$3,789.00
SAVE S$1,300.00


S$659.00 S$1,259.00
SAVE S$600.00

Mirror with Leather Frame (ON SALE)

S$739.00 S$1,849.00
SAVE S$1,110.00

Modern Dining Chair (ON SALE)

S$159.00 S$299.00
SAVE S$140.00

Morrissey - Forsey Bedside Chest -Bezel (ON SALE)

S$1,899.00 S$3,189.00
SAVE S$1,290.00

On The Sunny Side By Caracole® (ON SALE)

S$1,019.00 S$1,559.00
SAVE S$540.00

One To Watch By Caracole® (ON SALE)

S$2,189.00 S$4,689.00
SAVE S$2,500.00

Prairie Table lamp (ON SALE)

S$199.00 S$319.00
SAVE S$120.00

Rectangular Chesterfield Ottoman (ON SALE)

S$539.00 S$889.00
SAVE S$350.00

Side Car By Caracole® (ON SALE)

S$1,559.00 S$2,559.00
SAVE S$1,000.00

Siro Side Table (ON SALE)

S$649.00 S$1,289.00
SAVE S$640.00


S$3,129.00 S$5,219.00
SAVE S$2,090.00

Table Lamp M3015952 (ON SALE)

S$289.00 S$439.00
SAVE S$150.00

Teak Decorative Vase (ON SALE)

S$39.00 S$69.00
SAVE S$30.00


S$2,589.00 S$3,989.00
SAVE S$1,400.00

Vivienne Accent Chair (ON SALE)

S$1,200.00 S$1,789.00
SAVE S$589.00

Waffer Outdoor chair (ON SALE)

S$188.00 S$369.00
SAVE S$181.00

Waffer Outdoor dining table (ON SALE)

S$789.00 S$1,559.00
SAVE S$770.00

WELT PLAYED Accent Chair By Caracole® (ON SALE)

S$799.00 S$1,999.00
SAVE S$1,200.00

Wheel Teak Bench (ON SALE)

S$465.00 S$929.00
SAVE S$464.00

YM-5107 Mirror (ON SALE)

S$489.00 S$889.00
SAVE S$400.00

"Black Prince" Faux Succulent (ON SALE)

S$25.00 S$49.00
SAVE S$24.00

1 Drawer Mirrored Side Table (ON SALE)

S$299.00 S$499.00
SAVE S$200.00


S$19.00 S$99.00
SAVE S$80.00

2dws telephone stand (ON SALE)

S$489.00 S$889.00
SAVE S$400.00

50" Wood On Stand (ON SALE)

S$479.00 S$949.00
SAVE S$470.00

6 Drawer Teak Cabinet 3+3 High (ON SALE)

S$199.00 S$599.00
SAVE S$400.00

8 Drawer Teak Cabinet (ON SALE)

S$259.00 S$599.00
SAVE S$340.00


S$189.00 S$479.00
SAVE S$290.00

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Residential & Corporate Luxury Furniture in Singapore

America's unique finds and never boring furniture pieces. We are Asia's largest sourcing company, carrying over 30,000 different furniture items in inventory at any one time. All available for immediate pick-up or delivery! Check out Showroom Flats to get inspired.

As one of the largest high end furniture stores and sourcing companies in Asia, we bring you the chance to stream through over 30,000 different furniture items including mirrored furniture and pick the one that fits your home. From dining room chairs to children’s beds or luxury sofa Singapore, we have everything you need to bring more comfort and style to your home.

Furniture Store Singapore That Will Make Any Bland Space Look Better!

Every space deserves the best furniture Singapore. Whether you are looking for something comfortable to add to your home or you want designer furniture to make your empty room look refreshing, we got you covered. At Taylor B Design, you will find some of the most luxury sofa Singapore and high end furniture stores in Singapore. Find the best designer furniture for homeowners wanting stylish and well-furnished furniture.

With a focus on quality, we ensure that anyone who wants to add more bling in their spaces can do so with our top-notch mirrored furniture. We source the widest categories of furniture including luxury furniture in Singapore, allowing us to bring some of the most ravishing pieces from all across Singapore.

On the other hand, we also cater to the convenience of our customers. Accordingly, we make sure that they experience no issue when navigating through our furniture store Singapore. In other words, we break the barriers of inconvenience, ensuring our customers can shop for the best furniture without any difficulty.

After all, good furniture makes everyone happy. But good furniture with convenience makes shopping itself a worthwhile experience! So what are you waiting for? Shop through furniture store near me and find what you are looking for.

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