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1. Something blue is not just for wedding 

Blue boxes  Owl vase 

      Small Wren Wooden Boxes          Glass Owl Pitcher



 Flute glassBlue glassesBlue jar


Antique Light Blue Jar with Lid Holders (Blue and White)

Champagne Flute 
Balico Candle



Deck the halls in white, red and green is what everyone will be doing. Why not change it up with blue and silver this Christmas? This colour combination just exudes elegance, which will intrigue your guests when they're over at your house. 

Here's some tips on breathing blue & silver into the Christmas mood:
Start by lining the dining table with silver plates, utensils and folded napkins. Then, add some blue flasks and containers filled with cinnamon cookies and gingerbread men. Remember to keep your table cloth as simple as possible since any pattern on the cloth will be reflected on the silver platters. Add a few silver beads above the napkins on the plates for a show-stopping silver Christmas effect. Lastly place some blue candle holders with lit candles while playing a rendition of “Let it Snow” for some Christmas fun! And you're good to go.

2. Mossy Christmas

Red coral reefGreen moss ball

Natural Wood Slab
Cora Large Pillar Candle Holder (Rouge)

Red candle holder  Wooden slab 

Red Faux Coral
Grass Ball 59159


Having spent every single day with technology and artificial, man-made items, what's another 12 days more of spending it with "nature"? Nature being faux plants, red corals and other faux flowers. As close as you can get to nature, it'll definitely give your dining table a refreshing and calming feel.

To liven up the festive spirits, why not get a real Christmas tree to wow your guests as they waltz into your dining hall too!


3. Centrepiece Art

Tall Shiny Metallic Cloud VaseCentrepiece

Add an element of joy into every corner of your home with a beautiful and elegant centrepiece onto your console table or side table! It may seem impractical at first but the end results will not only amaze you but your guests too. Remember, every table needs an eye-catching centrepiece to accentuate the carving and crafting of the table.

Get yourself the perfect centrepiece this Christmas!



4. Now, remember ‘Old is New’

ClockCandle holder Candle holder

Lavonia Pedestal Table Clock Tall
Menifee Candle w/ LED Candle Tall
Classic Vintage Metal Egg Basket


If you haven't already noticed that vintage is back in trend! And nothing spells a Vintage Christmas more clearly than some good old classic furniture pieces. Fill your table with some old metal machines like old clocks, metal trays and light the table up with some old candle holders.

Make sure to invite your guests over for brunch during those 12 days, with this tablescape, and they will feel as if they were sent back to the 80s' again.

5. Glass? You mean Ice that never melts.

Glass Metal tray

Glass Glass hourglass

Glass Lidded Jar Small
Glass Metal Tray
Clear Glass Obelisk Large 51cm Tall
Sand Hourglass White


Sadly here in Singapore, with us being so close to the equator, a white snowy Christmas is impossible. But that doesn’t mean that children can’t wake up to a winter wonderland on Christmas day!

With your glass dining table and glass dining chairs, spread some faux snow all over your living room and dining hall. Make sure that all your plates and cups are made of glass as well when you lay them down and… Voila! A beautiful Christmas miracle!

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