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Choosing The Right Tables For Your Home

By Desmond Goh January 18, 2019 0 comments

A new home inevitably comes with a flurry of excitement - from getting the keys to picking out furniture for each room. Whether you are getting your first home or moving into a new space, furnishing your home is a key task that will definitely take up much of your time.

While the job might seem daunting and difficult, it might not actually be that complicated to find sleek furniture that suit your home decor style and still meet your needs. Here are some tips to look out for, in particular when choosing tables, a piece of furniture that every room would have.

The living room

A console table can be a focal point that captures the first impressions of guests as they come into your home. A combination of style and function produces the best-decorated console tables. A mirror, lamp or family photos on the console table can provide the perfect spot to welcome guests into your humble abode.

chairs for living room console table for your living room

The Modern Artisans Console By Caracole® is a versatile piece that is ideal for narrow hallways, with its sleek proportions and lean profile. Perched atop a graceful artisan metal stretcher, the fumed oak console table offers four drawers. Its signature matte gold-wrapped horn drawer pulls are the flawless minimalistic finish to the console table.

console table for your home

living room furniture from our store

A coffee table or cocktail table is a low table which is placed before a sofa to support beverages, magazines, books, decorative objects, and other small items to be used while sitting. Though seemingly small, a coffee table can make or break the look of the living room. At the same time, style is not the sole consideration when looking for a table.

Equipped with two drawers, the Avondale Storage Cocktail Table By Schnadig® cocktail table is not only practical for magazine and remote control storage but also full of visual variety. The top case is Quartered Ash Veneer, finished in Elegant Linen. The bottom corners of the case are curved, making for a dramatic presentation. Delicate custom metal hardware adorns two drawers, which are finished on the interior in pearl. The case rests on a platform with gracefully tapered sabre table legs, all painted in Soft Silver Leaf.

The dining room

A dining table is a hub of family bonding as you gather with your loved ones for a hearty meal together. An appropriate size that fits your family, yet is not oversized for your dining room is essential for the ultimate dining table.

wooden dining table dining table for your home

Dinner Invitation by Caracole® is a beautifully sculpted dining table with quiet sophistication. The truly elegant design statement is the delicately shaped oval table top, in a slip match mahogany veneer. The new signature finish, Go With The Grain, which has flecks of gold suspended within the finish, gives this table's alluring surface a subtle sparkle. The dramatic fluted, tapered table leg is finished in a rich Espresso Bean and accented with a dressy gold ferrule. For the days you have guests over, this table can be extended with two 22-inch leaves.

The bedroom

A nightstand is often used to support items that might be useful during the night. It offers easy access to frequently used items like a table lamp and an alarm clock, so that you do not have to stumble out of bed half asleep to rummage elsewhere for what you want.

night stand for your home

night stand for your home

The Caracole® Artisans Nightstand is a classic night table with a twist. The sleek bedside table boasts a modern profile, with its matte gold artisan metal twisting to form an elegant base for the table. Made from fumed cluster oak, the night table features two drawers and a top that flips up to reveal an outlet. It is perfect if you want to charge your devices at the bedside, or work from your laptop during the evening hours in bed. The interior of the table’s drawer are elegantly finished like the piece's exterior. Furthermore, with it being available both with or without its signature matte gold wrapped horn drawer pulls, and in dark or light oak finish, you can customise the table to the tiniest details to suit your taste.

A dresser is traditionally for storing clothing, and other items not normally hung in or otherwise stored in a closet. Some dressing tables have mirrors on top of them.

dresser for home storage

dresser for your home furnishing

The Fusion Dresser by Caracole® offers the ultimate in style and sophistication, with its eight-drawer dresser featuring a contemporary Ashen Oak finish over thick-cut quartered oak veneers. Its soft-close drawers provide generous storage and are finished in Warm Slate, while distinctive hardware adds a final bit of glamour to its refined character.

Hopefully, these ideas have helped in steering you towards your search of the right furniture for your house, especially tables. A table is a necessity in every room in your house, hence matching the functionality and style of your table to the rest of the room is the ultimate goal.

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