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Ever seen photos of artsy home and decor but not sure how to make it come true? Themes, colours, layout, space, and size are considerations to furnish the perfect furniture for your home. So how do we get started?

Let’s start with the overarching broad base: Theme – it speaks of your habits and personality, it reflects who you are. From the theme, we’ll build in the colors to fit the layout, space, and size of your home and decor.

1. Contemporary

You are known for staying ahead of trends, whether in your dressing or well-curated Insta-feed featuring the coolest kicks. Encompassing all things current, fresh and youthful, contemporary home and decor infuse a hip flair that is stylish and attractive.

Contemporary furniture is full of sleek lines and ‘60s flair. It calls for bold, saturated colours like burnt orange, mustard yellow, and navy blue. Contemporary spaces have a clean-cut with few furniture and accessories.

Sleek line dining table

The challenge with the contemporary home and decor? Its constant evolution with what’s popular with the times makes it go out-of-date after its time. However, some elements are here to stay; for instance, Scandinavian-inspired furniture and well-crafted metals that are sleek and functional remain in fashion. Additionally, overly trendy looks and colours such as the ‘90s neon hues get old real fast. Therefore, to furnish your contemporary furniture with a fashion that will never go out of style, choose neutral colours and cool shades like grey, black, and navy for soft furnishings. The colour scheme can be kept neutral and monochromatic to work harmoniously with teak furniture for texture and a simple yet striking contemporary home and decor.  Lastly, to recreate the sense of space, consider where your furniture is placed so that light floods into your room without blocking out the windows.

Contemporary home and decor may be from the past, but it has managed to withstand the test of time to bring out youthful energy and modern cool. 

Taylor B. Contemporary Furniture Tag: Sleek-line Dining TableBurnt Orange SofaMonochrome Bookshelf

2. Eclectic

Your life is like an artwork filled with unique stories and a rampage of colour! There are no barriers to your imagination, every encounter and memory inspire your creativity. As vibrant and vivid as you are, eclectic home and decor with its mashup of styles and colourful palette is apt to your artistic soul. A place to chill that’s uniquely you – the wilder it is, the better.

Defined as the rejection of traditional conventions, eclectic home and decor allow you to furnish your style of casual aesthetic furniture with whichever mix of colour that catches your eye. When putting together an eclectic home and decor, it is important to balance the space with plenty of unique furniture and accessories by anchoring the style on a focal piece. For an eclectic home and decor, an art piece will be best to derive imagery, colours and style of the art to reflect on the rest of your furniture decor.

adding a pop of colour

Eclectic home and decor embrace the power of patterns to create a scheme that is colourful and visually rich. It makes for a comfortable, yet stylish home.

Taylor B. Eclectic Furniture Tag: Pop Art Oil PaintingGeometric Navy CushionTurquoise Blue Coffee Table

3. Scandinavian

You’re laid-back and easy going; the best things in life are simply having a good time with family and friends, helping with household chores or just reading your favourite book. Clean and decorated without being too clinical or flashy, the woody, airy Scandinavian theme brings about a sense of homeliness that is familiar to you.

Using warm woods and area rugs, Scandinavian home and decor is a blend of modern and rustic furniture designs. The base of a Scandinavian colour palette is built on whites and greys with occasional pops of subtle colours like pink and blue. Scandinavian home and decor revolve around being comfortable without going over the top. White, teak furniture shape a forest-like Scandinavian look. Choose sheer drapes and maintain little obstruction to the window; paint the wooden floors white and opt for comfy furniture pieces. Select smooth surfaces for your furniture tops and legs such as tables and chairs. Go for a thick rug on a wooden floor, puffy cushions on a sleek angular sofa or a hint of a pattern from a cushion on a plain chair. 

white wood coloured funiture

Keep the furniture colours light and silvery, with white being a typical Scandinavian decor hue. Fill the space with soft pastel tactile pieces, whether it’s lustrous rugs or warm teak furniture. It’s all about balancing the furniture design and accessories to complement each other.

 Taylor B. Scandinavian Furniture Tag: White Wood Table LampGrey Dining ChairNylon Foot Stool 

4. Industrial

You spend frequent time at hip cafes, soaking in the urban, rugged look with a sip of coffee.  The industrial space is low-maintenance and fits any aesthetic that is structured yet open to let your creativity run wild.

Be inspired by masculine pieces like exposed brickwork, Edison bulb and architectural shapes – the less ornamental, the better. The industrial and rustic look integrates repurposed wood or concrete furniture and flooring as well as mix-and-match accent pieces that lend a chic look to the industrial home and decor.

rustic and dark themed ambiance

Make the most of architectural furniture for a layout that has a chic, rustic edge; incorporate touches of an industrial moody ambiance without losing all the light by adding a dark statement floor. Rather than applying a full wall of your favourite statement paper, why not make a section wall art from it!

Taylor B. Industrial Furniture Tag: Rustic ClockAccent ChairPine Bar StoolStar Candle Holder

Last thing to consider: Accommodating space, size and layout

From sofas to coffee tables, choosing the right furniture is crucial to ensure space works efficiently and creates an aesthetic for the room. A couple of armchairs paired with a sofa come as a dual function to add design and flexibility in your home and decor. They can create multiple seating areas or be pushed together for a comfortable couch, great for watching TV.

A coffee table is another example of a furniture piece that acts as the key feature to build your design upon for a cohesive, harmonious space.

Whether you are struggling with space or a theme that fits your personality, the right furniture pieces create a comfortable and fancy living space you wish to be in. Our furniture design is the perfect fit you need.

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