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It is not unreasonable to freak out over the expenses renovating in Singapore could cost you. However getting your dream home is a unique experience that should not be stifled, no matter what the budget you have is!

Making a list of what you need during your home renovation Image Source  

1. Segregating necessities and wants

It is crucial to keep this list as realistic and honest as possible because it will incorporate all the foundations, necessities that make this sheltered venue your home and then a place of delight.

For example, you would need things like storage spaces and accommodations for maybe furniture instead of a huge mirror. In this context, although a mirror could help your home look bigger storage is much more important.

Another would be your common and master room toilets, determining if you prefer an environment that is wet or dry or if you are okay with it being wet all the time makes the difference in cost.

comparing prices of different interior designers when renovatingImage Source

2. Comparing prices

In the second phase comparing prices with various interior designers is a must. I do not know why, but some interior designers tend to be super good conmen as well. I have had some very bad experiences with interior designers. I think the main point to note it the first impressions, they really matter. If you quote a budget come in with a basic or detailed outline of what you want then, whosoever you speak to should try their very best to stay within that.

Note: if anyone you get quotations from quotes you above your budget unreasonably. Please move on!

Picking swatches during a renovationImage Source 

3. Material and budget

Finding what goes on your walls and floors can be really tedious because there are so many kinds and so many different renditions of each material. Therefore having a budget and a minimalistic mind works. It keeps things affordable and simple. Although a bit of an orthodox, you can consider the kinds of furniture you would like to put in as well. This way it might be easier to choose the colors and shades of your home.

For example, if you’re aware that you would prefer your furniture design such as dining, coffee/side tables, furniture design, and table or floor lamps even your teak furniture to be on the darker side.

Some options that are affordable would be shaded subway tiles and/or concrete floors! They can be made to give you many types of look from glossy to matte. While concrete screed flooring with a half height of backsplashes saves your budget.

4. Comparing renovation loans

If you have the saving then that would be great, however, if buying your home has already blown your budget, then a good consideration would be comparing the possible loans out there. Ensuring whichever contract you do put your signature on has an interest rate that is the most stable and least likely at risk for inflation!

Furniture shopping with your friends for more discountsImage Source 

5. Group discount and cashback

I am sure somewhere, someone in Singapore is also looking to buy furniture, it could be a friend or a new neighbor. Organize a bulk buy to ensure you get valued discounts or even sign up for credit cards that incorporate the cash back feature so you’re able to save more.

Thus you have these few key points to consider if you’re looking to renovate your own home!

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