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With the constant new trends and seeing ever-changing interior design or style, it could feel almost stale coming home to an interior that is “so last year”. If you’re looking for a change there are many ways to achieve your desired change in your home with minimal costs but maximum effect. In 2019, abstract forms of art are trending in Singapore, this type of furniture are both minimalistic and timeless. Therefore moving forward if you do decide to make any changes you can take solace in knowing that these would be a long term investment.

Here are some ways you could change up your home:

mirrors that accent your home


1. Contemporary mirrors

A misconception is that many think to redecorate the whole home and add many things to get a futuristic look or a trendy look. Especially adding things that sound good but aren’t the best choices, for example, modern furniture or a loveseat.
Mirrors are the best way to add some zest to your home, if you don’t already have one, mirrors are also a necessity. It is the most efficient way to accent your home with a focal point. This way you could appreciate your old furniture with the new found perspective of your new mirror!

Depending on the size of your mirrors they all have their benefits.

furniture for your living room

2. New Furniture

Don’t get me wrong, you should buy furniture if you want to. If you’re looking for what kind to get, remember minimal expenditures are always advised. You don’t have to start throwing out furniture. But start with the ones that do need to go, such as your coffee table if it has too many water rings, and looks bumpy it’s time to get a new one. If your table lamp is looking kinda dull maybe getting a new light bulb.

3. Light fixtures

light fixtures accent your home

Just like mirrors add a focal point, light fixtures also grab anyone’s attention when they walk into the room. Getting the lights you want could set the tone for your modern furniture and the room it is in, especially if it’s near the entrance of your house. Generally, what I would suggest are warm comforting lights that give you a happy feeling every time you do take a glimpse at it.

So look at your options and see what best accents your home! Psst... Just so you know, we are currently still having a storewide sale on all of our furniture. Click here to find out more details.

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