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Home and Decor: Painting a room 101

By Desmond Goh June 07, 2019 0 comments

Do it yourself: Painting your home

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There are many occasions in which we find this need to paint a room. From being new thrifty homeowners, sprucing up for a baby, wanting a change or even just doing it to collect a few dollars on the side. We all come across this need to save a buck and “doing it ourselves.”

Here are some tips to furnishing your walls with some paint

1. Shades

Picking the correct shades, hues for your room.

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Picking the correct shade, colour hues, tint and textures can be super confusing cause they all sound like a synonym for each other and the last thing you need is for your walls to take away attention from that beautiful side table or floor lamp you’ve bought.

So before you do start getting that big bundles of swatches out, ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is the room for?
  • What purpose will this room serve?
  • What colours are ageless?
  • Does it compliment your home and decor i.e; your modern furniture?

Once you’ve answered these questions, it would be best to get swatches in accordance to those answers and try your best to not sway away, though it may be difficult, allow yourself to get a nice cohesive palette. As no one’s house comes in one shade, get creative with your colour palette!

2. Clearing the area

Ensuring all furniture is covered before painting a room

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If you’re anything like me then you’re no artist. Since that may be the case you would probably need a better canvas than actual artists. To further elaborate, your walls need to be in good condition. For a wall that may be aged, taking further steps to ensure that paint last longer would be better.

Next as the title suggest, it is important to clear or at least cover the area. Something to note is that teak furniture can be extra hard to remove stains from. It would be easier to purchase things that help protect or remove paint marks from furniture stores in Singapore or furniture stores online that show you how to remove stains. Either way, your end goal is to ensure at least your bed, mattress and home office are not affected as those are the more important things you would not want to be ruined.

Lastly, ensure your walls do not have cracks or gaps so that the texture would not be ruined when paint is applied. Also, if the climate you live in could induce mould, investing in sprays that help that eradicate that would be helpful.

3. Painting in progress

Getting messy when you paint your room.

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Now the fun part! Actually putting your artistic skills to work! You could tape around your focus area to ensure clean and neat lines. If your one of those who used to colour outside the lines when you were young like myself then this would prove as useful for yourself as it was for me!

Getting the correct equipment is not super crucial but I would say it saves you a lot of energy. Using a brush as compared to a roller could mean quite a difference in time.

The best way is to paint with a brush along your edges and then fill it in with the roller and go crazy!

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