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I think a common problem we all face, is being efficient 24/7. Many individuals have a  separate home office or even a  little corner in the house where we would hide whenever work is due. Unlike a workspace, a home office gives a more comforting ambiance to maximize focus and productivity. Especially if you’re an individual who chooses to work at home, then you’re able to compartmentalize, which is an important ability,  otherwise you are going to have creeping thoughts with a due date on the line.

What I strongly believe is that a cluttered home equates to a cluttered mind, this reminder has proven to be helpful. When purchasing office furniture, this helpful tip gives me clarity on what I should be investing in. I’m sure it will for you too!

Besides this here are a few more tips you could use when trying to build focus in your own workspace;

1. Isolation 

Isolated and neat desk

I understand that especially in Singapore, housing layout are usually smaller, particularly in the latest BTO, therefore a huge office is not what you would be able to comply to. Instead,  a small cozy space where you can focus and increase your productivity when working at. Besides, you definitely don’t want to be distracted by other things such as a cozy looking bed or a comfortable sofa. For example, if your working near your living room then a television and sleek looking coffee table might be a huge distraction, I cannot explain to you how many times I have found myself next to that sleek side table watching television.

2. Walls or doors

An option only available to some would be the ability to put your workspace in a room, cutting distractions and even cutting noises can preserve your creative energy and attention span. In this case, it prevents distractions especially from really loud modern furniture that encourage procrastination!

However if not a room then walls might just do fine, mainly because some of them are portable. Sliders are a good investment, as it can be removed as and when you like. Thus, does not distract from the general ambiance of your home and decor.

3. Reducing visual complexity 

wooden work desk

A bit of a complicated point here. Reducing this aspect helps with not getting too distracted with the environment you’re working in. Also, it prevents you from going through cognitive overload. Therefore it is best to ensure your space is not too cluttered and more in line with a minimalist theme. For example, getting an aesthetically pleasing furniture design such as a small table lamp and a comfortable table should be one of the mains aims.

I hope these options prove useful to you as they were for me, although they might seem overwhelming and unnecessary, nonetheless these are great long term investments and will definitely get you through the countless of deadlines. Check out our article on the benefits of having a home office 

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