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tips on maximising space

It is no surprise that apartments are becoming smaller in Singapore. While most try to declutter and Marie Kondo their rooms, we are going to share 3 ways to fool the eyes into believing that a room is bigger than it actually is. 

1. Multi-purpose furniture

Create more space by using home furniture which are multi-functional. It helps to extend the use of a small room without cluttering it. Coffee tables can not only be used as a table to serve coffee or beverages but those with shelves attached are great for storing small items such as magazines, chargers or anything you can think of. I like to use baskets or bins to organize my little knick-knacks instead of cluttering it on a side table


using walls to your benefit



2. Utilize walls

Take advantage of the vertical space and furnish your walls. It is a great alternative to create more floor space for walking. Personally, I like to hang floating shelves to display books, photos and plants and make the area become a dynamic focal point of the room. Not only does it save a lot of space, but it is a chic idea to create a visual interest in the room and if done correctly, to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. So, when shopping furniture online or in stores, think about how many shelves you will need to replace your massive bookshelf with this ingenious idea.

getting some sunlight



3. Let there be light

A popular advice when it comes to maximising spaces is to use mirrors to create an illusion of depth and space. However, a key element that is often overlooked is having the right amount of light. A brightly lit room will make the room feel and look larger than it actually is. As much as possible, I refrain from using curtains to bring in as much natural sunlight. If you feel that the light is insufficient, again, utilize the walls and add or hang light fixtures to create well-lit areas within the room while saving space. Adding a thin table lamp to a nightstand works as well to create warmth and visual interest to a specific space or corner.

Here are some additional tips from Buzzfeed, we are personally in awe of them too, small changes, huge differences.

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