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ways to use subway tiles in your home

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Finding the most suitable tile design for your home can be tedious there are so many kinds out there. Something that recently became a thing was minimalism which is pretty identical to my own style. Minimalism is best because its clean and straightforward theme helps accentuate your home and decor, especially teak furniture. Thus the best way to go would be Subway tiles!

These ubiquitous 3″ x 6″ rectangular tiles are prominent amongst many new homeowners and strangely home offices as well.

Here are a few ways you can use this simplistic item to make your home furniture look bomb!

I don’t think I have any specifically strong feelings about shades of green, however when I was looking at tiles colours and came across these few options I was stumped!
  ways to use subway tiles in your toiletways to use subway tiles in your toilet

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1. Ethereal Emrald 

You can almost see the contrast it creates even with the ethereal under tones. When buying furniture for a place such as the bathroom you are limited to maybe side lamps and tables because it’s generally a wet place. To me the importance of a place I have to spend time in, is rather high.

Therefore it should look cozy and warm. Looking to the right you can see the colours bring out the teak shelves and even on the left the floor board is visible.

Note: If you're someone who despises green, shades of blues are also available in these shades and are just as transforming and calming.

       Using white subway tiles at home  Using white subway tiles at home Image Source

Basic White

2. Basic White 

These white toned tiles transform your home into a perfect canvas, making furniture the creatives. From the images you can see that darker coloured furniture would go great with white toned tiles as it contrasts with your walls. Standardising your dinning, coffee side and console table colours would help with a nice flow through your home moulding it to your perfect masterpiece.

     Using black subway tiles at home Using black subway tiles at home

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3. Jet Black  

Subtle yet bold,  although these colours are vastly used in bars there is no reason why your home can’t have them too. Many a time accompanied with black surroundings you can see in both images the black walls are coupled with black drawers. The glossy outlook helps add textural effect in a space with this deep hue!

So there you have it, some colours for you to consider when designing your new home!

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