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Searching for just the right sofa for your home can be daunting. After all, it's the heart of the living room and the first thing you see when you come home.

There's so many different designs, sizes, colours, and textures! so, we simply go to good old neutrals. From creams, beige, to white, you can always rely on them to match anything and create your desired vibe for your sanctuary. 

But oftentimes than not neutrals won't catch anyone's eye cause let's be honest... it can be so boring! 

But loud colours can look out of place or even chaotic when isn't styled with the complimentary coffee tables, lamps, decor, etc. There's just simply too many things to consider.

So how can we maintain the classic neutral sofa colours but make it more interesting?

Today we've round up some ideas for you to jazz up your sofa

1. Colourful Cushions

Cushions are a fun way to add life to your living room and you can always change them to suit the occasion. Simply change up the cushion cover from time to time and ta-da! you're ready for the new years. Mix and match a variety of colours and textures to channel your creativity and experiment the limitless selection. You can click here to browse our latest selection of cushions!


2. All art in the walls

A statement piece for your living room will easily draw attention. When it's up on your walls above your sofa, a neutral coloured sofa blends seamlessly with any piece of wall art. There's a variety to choose from modern eclectic prints to classic oil paintings. Come look at our wall art selection today by clicking here!


3. Artistic side tables

Alvada Tray Side Table – Taylor B Design

Never underestimate the power of a carefully selected side table. A plain sofa can really be the stepping stone for you to make accent side tables really POP! What's more, since you already probably need one to place your cold beverage down while you lounge in, why not choose a side table that adds some drama to your space? Click on here to check out all the styles we offer!


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