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Ideas For Designing A Comfy Bedroom

By Taylor BDesign July 04, 2019 0 comments

Ideas For Designing A Comfy Bedroom

Bedrooms are highly personal spaces.

After all we spend most of our time in our bedrooms in our non-awake hours, easily up to at least 7 hours for the average person. 

A bedroom ought to be a personal sanctuary, designed with comfort in mind, so that we get the best possible sleep every night.

When it comes to designing your bedroom, the choice of bedroom furniture definitely matters, as with any other room. You will not want to have a bedroom cluttered with furniture, nor would you want to have a sparsely furnished bedroom. 

In this article, you will read about

  • Essential pieces of bedroom furniture
  • How you should design and layout your bedroom furniture so that you get a comfy bedroom, perfect for a good night’s rest
  • How you can design small bedrooms 

Before jumping straight into explaining how to design a comfy looking bedroom, let’s cover three essential pieces of furniture that a bedroom can’t go without, starting with the bed.



What’s a bedroom without a bed? Usually the bed is the biggest piece of furniture you will have in your bedroom and it is therefore important that you should decide on where to place your bed before going on to decide where you should position the other pieces of bedroom furniture like your drawers and lamps. Because the bed is almost always the focal point of any bedroom, choose a bed frame which fits the style of your room. When choosing the size of the bed - be it single, super single, queen or king-sized bed, make sure that you get the right size so that you have ample walking space as well as space for the other bedroom furniture.


Bedside Table

Next up, the bedside table. Drawers, nightstands and bedside tables all mean the same piece of furniture - a small cabinet usually placed beside the bed. When choosing a bedside table, some considerations include the following:

  • Height
    • Choose a bedside table that is roughly about the same height as your mattress, so that it makes it easy for you to reach for items on the table top. 

  • Storage
    • Bedside tables with drawers are great for storing items like spectacles and your other nighttime necessities, keeping them within reach.

  • Style
    • Style is important when it comes to choosing a bedside table. Ideally, you should get a pair of matching bedside tables to be placed on both sides of the bed.The sort of symmetry effect will make your bedroom more aesthetically pleasing.



When it comes to bedroom furniture, lamps are a must-have. They serve two main purposes: to provide ample light for reading or other bedroom activities and of course, beautify the bedroom. You may choose between a standing floor lamp if your room has enough space or if it is too small, you can go with a table lamp to place on your bedside table. When choosing a bedroom lamp, you would want to select one that has the right height, especially if you are a bedtime reader. 

Bedroom Design

Bedroom Design

When it comes to designing the bedroom, colour plays an important role. Go with lighter hues that are more relaxing to the eye when choosing bedroom furniture; brighter colours aren’t the best options for bedrooms. Gentle shades of blue, lavender and green are good options to go with as they are softer, creating a more soothing environment to rest in. A point to note when choosing a design style for your bedroom is that you should keep the bedroom simple, elegant and cozy, the perfect place to rest after a long day at work. Remove any clutter in the bedroom so that it is not messy. As for the windows, put some curtains over them so that your room is not flooded with the morning sun, especially if you can’t sleep without darkness and would like to sleep in late. It can be a good idea to add in some freshness to your bedroom, and you can do that by placing some plants in the bedroom to give it some life as well. Plants are never a bad idea as they help to purify the air in the bedroom, helping you to sleep better.

Designing small bedrooms

Designing small bedrooms

In a country like Singapore which is famous for its small “shoe-box” unit homes, small bedrooms are becoming the norm increasingly. The size constraint issue definitely poses a challenge when it comes to designing the bedroom, so the choice of bedroom furniture and layout will be important. With small bedrooms, you would want to maximise your storage space and make good use of every inch you have. Small bedrooms can be fun to design actually as they require you to think out of the box so as to fit everything in the small space. Given the minimal floor space, you have to think more creatively about storage space. Taller cabinets will be a good option since they can store more items, and you would really want to think of how to make use of the vertical space. When you have a small room, use the walls to give you the extra space. Shelves and wall-mounted cabinets can be very handy for you to place items that are not so bulky and heavy. With a small bedroom, reduce the clutter so that the whole room does not look smaller - the simpler and more tidy you keep the room, the more spacious it will look. Go simple, nothing too fancy. And speaking of space, you could use an easy and classy trick that will give the impression that it is much bigger than in reality - use mirrors! A mirrored wall will help to give the illusion of space. 

Small bedrooms

Are you ready to design the bedroom of your dreams? It can be a good idea for you to look through home lifestyle magazines to get some inspiration. Bedroom furniture plays a huge role when it comes to designing your bedroom. Looking for luxury furniture in Singapore? You might want to pop by Taylor B Fine Design. It is one of the biggest suppliers of furniture in Singapore and you will be wowed at the huge variety of furniture they offer, unlike other shops that sell furniture  in Singapore. Located at 43 Keppel Road, it has Singapore’s largest ready inventory of modern, eclectic and oriental furniture at warehouse prices.

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