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Shelves solve a lot of problems - mainly the common problem of where to put stuff but it also provides a nice place to put your accessories and add an extra design element that can make your living room design go the extra mile. To share your shelf - it is like showcasing the foundation that craft your knowledge, personality, and identity. This article will help you find the perfect type of shelf that you can use to furnish your house.

1. Rust-finished Wood Giraffe Cabinet with 2 Drawers

taylor b furniture store shelves

Starting with a giraffe cabinet, it displays a clear message - you have kids at home. The animal-shaped cabinet is both cute and useful. It has 2 drawers to keep small items out of children’s reach while at the same time can allow you to display toys at the bottom space and perhaps family pictures at the top. One of this cabinet will allow your home and decor to give off a warm family vibe, also it can be placed anywhere from the living room to also bedrooms.

taylor b furniture store shelves

2. Metal & Fir Shelf with 8 Removable Trays

Not sure the kind of items you will want to be displaying on your shelf and how big it will be? Fret not, the metal and fir shelf features 8 removable trays in which you can shift to adjust the length of space you want to fit your desired item on the shelf. This has fixed the problem of not having enough space to place items due to the constraint of the fixed amount of space that shelves used to have. Suggestion: you can place some small plants on one of the slots which do not require much space to bring some green into your life.

taylor b furniture store shelves

3. Etagere

Want to break free from the traditional shelves? The Etagere shelf is both modern and sleek - totally different from the traditional and bulky kind of shelves. Able to stand alone or get mounted on the wall, the Etagere shelf allows small and light display items to stand out with its metal structure as per compared to the woody texture that shelves used to have. Items such as cushions, photo frames and also cosmetic items are best displayed on the Etagere shelf to showcase their elegance.

taylor b furniture store shelves

4. Round Sterling Bookcase

Who said that shelves must be in rectangular shapes - introducing the Round Sterling Bookcase! Time to bring out your collection of figurines because this bookcase is just right for the display of your action figurines. With its modern design, the display items will definitely stand out and bring out its purpose.

Shelves are an essential touch to home furniture - no matter it being placed in the living room, offices or study rooms. They serve their purpose of not just books like they used to do but now to represent one or a family. Whatever is seen displayed on the shelves tell visitors what one or the family does. For instance, the display of family pictures on shelves will tell visitors that the owner of the house is family-oriented whereas the display of figurines will tell visitors the specific interest of the house owner in certain series.

It is important to keep a room or a house clean and clutter free to allow a home to stand out and also give a good impression to visitors. It is basically the image of the owner - whether the owner keeps their own living space clean or not, it may or may not show a different image of what was displayed on the outside. Someone can make up nicely and be very sloppy at home, whereas some may be seen as being sloppy yet be very clean and neat. Shelves also help to let visitors know more about the owner with the choice of items placed.

The furniture featured in this article and more is available online on our website and in Taylor B Fine Designs Furniture Shop.

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