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3 best types of dining table

By DOREEN CHAN June 07, 2019 0 comments

After a long and arduous day of work, we sit down at the dining table. During weekends or on special occasions we invite our friends to join us. Surrounded by those who matter most to us we savour food and appreciate the small but precious moments of life. All around the comfort of the dining table.

It is not surprising then, that next to our living room we worry most about how we should decorate our dining space, especially at this time of the year when we tend to invite numerous guests over dinner to mark the beginning of the holiday season. Apart from decorative furniture, our dining table holds the crucial position here so it matters a lot to us that we choose the right kind of table for this space and also set it in the right way. But how do we choose the ideal dining table for our home? Here are our suggestions.

1. Glass dining table


glass table tops

A glass top dining table instantly gives your dining room a sophisticated and classy makeover. Decking it up with a simple vase of flowers rather than larger furniture is enough to leave a lasting impression of elegance and sophistication.

Pro-tip: Glass dining tables can be difficult to maintain. Dust and dirt tend to cling to it. You will have to wipe it clean every now and then to keep it free of fingerprints. It also tends to showcase scratches prominently, particularly when used over a period of time. Compared to wood, the design choices are also limited.

2. Wooden dining table


wooden dining table

Wood is actually one of the most popular materials for dining table tops. Wooden dining table tops have an unusual practice of finding itself at home everywhere, regardless of rustic or contemporary decor. Check out our tips on designing your home based on your preferred style. If you ever choose to invest in a fine walnut or cherry wood dining table it will remain a part of your family for a very long time and would fetch good value when sold. A wood table top, even those made of modern engineered wood, can be left exposed only with suitable table runners and mats for it has its own intrinsic beauty.

3. Stone dining table


stone dining table

Marble is commonly used at times form luxuriously decorated dining rooms. It is still used in many parts of the world where traditional décor is still considered highly appreciable. Granite and onyx table tops are also widely appreciated and used. However, high-quality marble and granite can both are expensive. They are usually heavy and are not ideally suited for small homes and large dining tables. There is not much flexibility available in terms of shape due to its bulkiness. Faux marble top tables are also available but they do not look nearly as good as the real ones. Do take extra time in your selection process for this area for the material of the table top.

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