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With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right home accessories to jazz up your space. This article features some unique home accessories from Taylor B. Design that you can opt for to spruce up your home without overcomplicating things! Taylor B. Design is the top Furniture store in Singapore with the largest inventory of immediately available furniture. It is located at 43 Keppel Rd, level 3 & 4, Singapore 099418.


1. Wall Art

For dull spaces, the easiest way to bring life to your abode is by adding a simple painting or wall art. Wall art is a great choice as it adds a pop of colour without it being over the top.

taylor b furniture store tucan wall art


This Tucan Wall Art (S$259) by Taylor B. Design is simple but captivating, sure to beautify your home and catch someone’s attention whenever you invite guests over.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are an advantageous home accessory as they give off an illusion of a bigger living space. Not only does it make your home look more spacious, it also gives off a clean overall look when paired with classic furniture pieces which may emit a rustic vibe and look dull on its own.

taylor b furniture store quatrefoil shape mirror

This Quatrefoil Shape Mirror (S$389) is definitely something you can incorporate into your home setup to add more dimension to your living space.

taylor b furniture store mirror tray

An alternative to conventional standing mirrors or wall mirrors is mirror trays. This Mirror Tray (S$99) adds a minimalistic touch to any home accessories, such as a candle or knick knacks, that you might want to display.

3. Shelves

Shelves are a good way to organize and display your home décor neatly. There are also many designs you can choose from, depending on the theme of your home. You can never go wrong with a good shelf as it is a classic furniture piece that is timeless and ties the look of your living space together.

taylor b furniture store metal and ash birdcage shelf

This unique Metal & Ash Birdcage 4-Tier Shelf (S$679) is intricate and something new compared to the typical bookshelves.

taylor b furniture store wood giraffe cabinet

Alternatively, bookcases can also be used. This Wood Giraffe Cabinet (S$439) will undoubtedly be a great conversation starter and leave an impression on your guests. You can always browse around furniture stores to see which type of shelves suit your home the best.

4. Floor Lamps

An interesting way to illuminate your space creatively is through different types of lighting. You can easily find unique pieces in many lighting shops and see what suits your home best. Here are just some ideas you can work around.

taylor b furniture store classic floor lamp

If your space is too dim, floor lamps are your best friend. This floor lamp (S$609) is a classic furniture piece with its simplistic design that complements almost any style of interior design.

taylor b furniture store letter h floor lamp


This Letter H Floor Lamp may also be an option. Floor lamps are very versatile and the simple H design is subtle but has a distinctive flair to it and is suitable for anyone with an eye for details.


Aside from floor lamps, table lamps are not only a great classic furniture piece to decorate your work space, it creates a good atmosphere for you to work efficiently. It also aids in concentration for when you are working.

taylor b furniture store petite retro marble lamp

The Petite Retro Marble Lamp is a chic table lamp with an unconventionally gorgeous lamp shade and gives your office desk a sleek touch. This is the perfect accent piece for all the marble lovers out there.


5. Sideboards

While a sideboard might often be considered unnecessary, it is actually a great way to neaten up your space! They are an excellent choice as they act as a display piece but also a storage space – all wrapped up in one.

taylor b furniture store mr k's key sideboard

Caracole's "Mr. K's Key" (S$5129) will be a stunning addition to any living space and give it a luxurious touch.

6. Storage bed

Reduce clutter in your bedroom with a storage bed! This multifunctional piece will bring about convenience when it comes to packing and organizing, making things way easier for you during spring cleaning.

taylor b furniture store  starlite storage bed

This Starlite-6/6 Uph Panel Bed w/Storage (S$4,429) offers storage space in the form of 2 drawers. Unlike the typical bulky lift-up storage bed which can be a hassle to open up, this drawer is a simpler option and provides easy accessibility to your stored items. Additionally, lift-up beds have a hydraulic gas lift system which has a short life span and will wear out after a few years, whereas this storage bed with drawers can be used for a longer period of time, giving you the bang for your buck.

7. Throw Pillows

Classic furniture alone may make your room look stiff and boring, which is why home accessories should be incorporated in your room décor to make it interesting. Taylor B. offers a huge range of home accessories that you can purchase to embellish your space. A good option for home accessories are throw pillows. They add variety to an otherwise mundane room! Mix and match different throw pillows to add some fun to your bedroom and bring life to it.taylor b furniture store paloma ash cushion

Playing with texture is a good way to add some subtle dimension to your room. This Paloma Ash Cushion (S$59) adds a twist to any solid coloured sheets and goes well with classic furniture!


taylor b furniture store paloma ash cushion textured

Playing with texture is a good way to add some subtle dimension to your room. This Paloma Ash Cushion (S$59) adds a twist to any solid coloured sheets and goes well with classic furniture! If you're a prints enthusiast, you may also purchase this Embroidered Geometric Pillow in Navy (S$89). It has an intricate design that is bound to intrigue anyone who enters the room.

Here is one other way you can transform the aura of your home, yes - in one simple step.

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