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Chinese Design Furniture For That Oriental Feel!!

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From traditional Chinese chairs to tea tables and drawers that will revolutionize the way your home looks. Our authentic designs and ravishing colours are known all across the Singapore. After all, who doesn’t want their space to look better? This is why we bring you the opportunity to dive through a fine Chinese furniture store and grab what you are looking for.

From artisan finishes to the durability, our furniture can make even sitting in a lounge a very enjoyable experience. Maybe you want to impress your guests. Maybe you just want to add more comfort to your home. With our furniture, everything is possible!

Mix a bit of an exotic Asian style or simply opt for an oriental theme. We source some of the best homewares from China, as well as other parts of Asia, bringing you the widest categories of furniture possible.

And when it comes to the buying process, we make sure everything is super convenient for you. Your privacy and confidentiality are kept ironclad protected, so you can stream through our store without worrying about your security. So don’t wait and grab the best Chinese Oriental Chinese Furniture in Singapore.

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Hei Black Chinese chair

S$199.50 S$399.00
SAVE S$199.50

White Veneer Chair Chinese

S$245.00 S$489.00
SAVE S$244.00

Cabinet - Black

S$845.00 S$1,689.00
SAVE S$844.00

Small brown chinese chair

S$179.50 S$359.00
SAVE S$179.50

White Chinese Baby Chair

S$445.00 S$889.00
SAVE S$444.00

Traditional Chinese Chair

S$345.00 S$689.00
SAVE S$344.00

Chinese painted traditional nightstand

S$395.00 S$789.00
SAVE S$394.00

Vintage Chinese Black Cabinet

S$415.00 S$829.00
SAVE S$414.00

Red & Yellow Oriental Triple Drawers Console

S$695.00 S$1,389.00
SAVE S$694.00

Chair / BF-60682

S$245.00 S$489.00
SAVE S$244.00



Stool /AF048


Peachy Chinese Side table

S$215.00 S$429.00
SAVE S$214.00

Purple Dual doors cabinet

S$789.00 S$1,569.00
SAVE S$780.00

Painted Wooden Dual Doors Cabinet

S$695.00 S$1,389.00
SAVE S$694.00

Wooden Chest Accent Cabinet

S$515.00 S$1,029.00
SAVE S$514.00

Stool BF-60218


Red Chinese side table

S$265.00 S$529.00
SAVE S$264.00

Geisha traditional console

S$515.00 S$1,029.00
SAVE S$514.00

Xiaolung Red Cabinet

S$659.00 S$1,319.00
SAVE S$660.00


S$495.00 S$989.00
SAVE S$494.00

Chinese black Writing Desk

S$799.00 S$1,589.00
SAVE S$790.00

31SG Chair Cabinet

S$285.00 S$569.00
SAVE S$284.00

Chinese Grey Single Chair 2

S$150.00 S$299.00
SAVE S$149.00

Chinese little Grey Cabinet

S$315.00 S$629.00
SAVE S$314.00

Mahogany Chinese Chair

S$149.50 S$299.00
SAVE S$149.50

Glass Top Fretwork Desk

S$445.00 S$889.00
SAVE S$444.00

Grey Side Cabinet

S$385.00 S$769.00
SAVE S$384.00

31SG Table


Chinese vintage red Bookcase

S$399.00 S$799.00
SAVE S$400.00

Gray Guang Chinese cabinet

S$925.00 S$1,849.00
SAVE S$924.00

Fretwork Black Cabinet

S$345.00 S$689.00
SAVE S$344.00

A.R.T Classic

A.R.T. Furniture is inspired by different cultures, lifestyles, and neighborhoods, by people and their stories. Luxury. Click the link to look at the full catalog of A.R.T furniture.

Caracole Classic

We celebrate women's strength, courage & spirit, today and every day. #caracole #happyinternationalwomensday

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