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The best wooden furniture additions to your bland space

Bring home a piece of mother nature with you with the earthy looks wooden furniture brings. Each grain etched on its surface carries a piece of its origins and filled with positive energy to create a zen atmosphere for your home. This is why we bring you the chance to enhance your homes or office space with the best wooden furniture out there in Singapore.

At Taylor B Design, you will find some of the best stands, cabinets, and sculptures. We source a wide variety of top-notch sculptures from places such as Indonesia, so you can throw out the oldies and bring something refreshing, in your homes.

After all, nothing gets better than skillfully hand-crafted wooden furniture. Be it a bedside cabinet or just a small apple teak sculpture, you can revolutionize the overall feel, as well as the look of your home with us.

Our store is also very easy to navigate with hundreds and thousands of furniture just a click away. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to add that x-factor into your homes. Get the best furniture available in Singapore and impress everyone, from your family members to guests. Your home deserves to look the best and feel so very comfortable.

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Leaf on Stand


Teak Boat Sculpture (ON SALE)

S$459.00 S$1,519.00

Towel Ladder


Ball teak stool

S$259.00 S$379.00

Lilly Devider


Ranting Teak Chair

S$299.00 S$499.00

Teak Bookcase (ON SALE)

S$498.00 S$829.00

Tall 6 Drawer Teak Cabinet

S$249.00 S$499.00

Bali Teak Console

S$531.00 S$759.00

Root Console Teak Table

S$580.00 S$1,159.00

Ranting Teak Outdoor Bench

S$610.00 S$1,219.00

Bar Teak Chair Swivel 1 Leg

S$385.00 S$789.00

Mushroom Cluster


Teak Duck Bowl


Small Reindeer


Christmas Tree


A.R.T Classic

A.R.T. Furniture is inspired by different cultures, lifestyles, and neighborhoods, by people and their stories. Luxury. Click the link to look at the full catalog of A.R.T furniture.

Caracole Classic

Caracole Couture is an exciting way to create one-of-a-kind pieces that leave a lasting impression. Click the link to look at the full catalog of Caracole furniture.

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