Shipping & Returns

Return and exchange policy


Taylor b accepts exchange within a 5 days period after a purchase is made. However, only with the terms and conditions from below:


  • Original condition with packaging. Whereby if there are any wear and tear or any other signs of physical misused Taylor B is unable to accept return or exchange upon inspection. For instances, wear and tear materializes in many forms; stains, torn or scratched due to physical misused or any other form of failure to properly care for furniture pieces. Since Taylor B has the rights to reject any unqualified merchandises. Excluding any manufacturing defects that Taylor b will gladly look into.


  • For the sake of hygiene purposes as well as fair trading to both parties Taylor B is unable to undergo exchanges to any of these merchandises stated below:


  1. Mattress purchases
  2. Beddings and linens
  3. Leather purchases
  4. Merchandises marked as ‘Grab It Now’ or any other mode of discounted pieces
  5. Merchandises taken ‘As It Is’


Please note exchange enquiries can only be entertained from Monday to Friday between 10 to 5PM.



Returning process


Good news is Taylor B doesn’t charge re-stocking fees as we would still want to nurture a hassle-free process. However, delivery cost is compulsory. Noting an additional delivery of up to $80- $150 will be charged for collection of returned furniture as well as disassembly services, depending on the purchase as well as delivery rate. Our customer service executive will be contacting you to arrange for an allocated date and time.


Furthermore, merchandises that are mishandled during delivery will be replaced with the same piece or given a store-credit of the same value to exchange with in-store merchandises that are similar in style or a completely different design. Additionally, a refund is another mode to resolve this issue if there are no other fascinating finds in our catalog you can replace with. Review our refund policy for more details.




Refund policy


Taylor B strives to deliver the best of customer experience. Goods sold are non-refundable. Noting refund is only an acceptable mode for merchandises that has manufacturing defects. Subsequently, Taylor B only accepts store credit or gift vouchers for any other issues, but are not limited to, a change of preference, inappropriate fittings, etc. Regardless if refund is approved, Taylor B will briefly issue a refund which will take up to 14-21 of office working days for any mishandled merchandises during delivery or irreplaceable manufacturing defects.




Manufacturing warranty


Since Taylor b is a furniture retail that introduces variety of merchandises with different designer brands, manufacturing warranty varies for each. Noting Taylor B has bi-weekly shipping and the manufacturing warranty only applies when the item has just arrived within that period of time frame in the showroom. Therefore, Taylor B is fully obliged to have a 3 months manufacturing warranty for all pieces. However, the warranty claim will be void for these following conditions:


  • Merchandises are used for outdoor purposes


  • Any signs of distressing accidents due to improper care of furniture (i.e. abrasive cleaning powder or liquid, marble porous quality to absorb spill, changes in tonal hue as wood is subjected to change under prolong or intense exposure to sunlight, etc.)


  • Wearing and tearing of furniture due to accidents, cuts, burns, watermarks, staining, metal discoloration due to oxidization or any other form of external forces. For specification do email us photos as Taylor b will reserve the rights to discrete from a manufacturing defect or wear and tear effects.


  • Merchandises taken ‘As It Is’ approved by customers during purchase.


  • Natural, intended, distressed finishes, such as Caracole’s Silver Leaf veneer, Vintage Mirror meant-to-be rustic look, leather’s crinkles or folded lines as it is a natural feature and any other hand-crafted merchandises or intended ones.


Lastly, Taylor b does not provide additional services beyond warranty period. For instance, installation and repair. Keep in mind rough or inappropriate care of furniture is prone to wearing and tearing. Hence, it is a natural outlook to approach your furniture with great care.


Still no answers to your questions? Do drop an email at or ring us at 6206 9736. Keep  in mind we receive numerous enquiries daily and we will try to respond you as soon as possible