All That Jazz By Caracole®
All That Jazz By Caracole®

All That Jazz By Caracole®


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Product Overview:

This sculptural frame expressed in a wispy grey dawn palette of pale blue and creamy taupe hues is reminiscent of classic French styling - and all that jazz! Glamorous touches include the woven base cloth, which is nicely balanced with our pearlescent Powder Puff finish.


French-inspired silhouette. Tight back. Two seat cushions.


Ultra plush down cushion. 8-way hand tied seat. Feather down pillows.

Additional Fabric:

Body Fabric: 2323-75CC; Pillow Fabric: 2-20" x 20" Pillows 3065-11CC; 3-20" x 20" Pillows 3066-89CC; 1-14" x 20" Pillow 8113-34CC

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